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There are a number of field research projects underway at the HCT. Our conservation projects have corresponding research objectives which are structured to provide information relevant to the management of the species or project in question.
Similarly, there are a number of rehabilitation topics that require investigation in order to continually improve welfare management. See also under the Rehabilitation pages.

Here is some information about some areas of research:

Analysis of the distribution and frequency of raptor mortality factors

Aim: To understand where and how often raptors are injured or killed


  • Distribution map of high risk areas for raptor populations
  • Information with which to approach land managers (e.g. local councils, farmers, estate owners) and discuss possible habitat modifications


  • Proactive role in developing methods to alleviate raptor deaths and injuries
  • Formation of partnerships with various land managers and opportunity to function in a consultative role with respect to habitat management for raptors
  • Use of hospital admissions data as an indicator of wild populations

Post-release survival of rehabilitated raptors

Aim: To assess the efficacy of treatment methods and measure the success of rehabilitated raptors once released back to the wild.


  • A clear understanding of post release survival for rehabilitated raptors of different species that have experienced different injuries and treatments


  • Refined treatment and release techniques
  • The ability to communicate about the rehabilitation process and the fate of patients released from the hospital

Kestrel and buzzard distribution vs. land use

Aim: To understand how the distribution and success of kestrels and buzzards relates to different land use types


  • Contributing towards an understanding of the reasons for kestrel declines as opposed to the increase in the buzzard population
  • Identification of important kestrel habitat


  • Significant research contribution to conservation efforts for dramatically declining kestrels
  • Increased efficiency for nest box placement
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