Rehabilitation: National Bird of Prey Hospital

The Trust can receive over 200 wild-injured raptors each year, and all are admitted to National Bird of Prey Hospital – formerly known as Hilary's Bird of Prey Hospital after Hilary Smith, one of the founders of the Hawk Conservancy.

The injuries for these wild birds can consist of broken wings, damaged legs and talons, eye injuries or sometimes just very low condition where the bird is virtually starving. In some cases poisoning has occurred and this leads to the Police Wildlife Liaison Officer becoming involved, who will aim to establish if the poisoning was deliberate or accidental. Wherever possible, all the birds are rehabilitated as soon as possible and released back to the area they were found.

Injured birds often require several stages of rehabilitation ranging from complete rest (sometimes immobilisation) up to regular exercise for more advanced patients. Both indoor and outdoor flights are used, as well as confinement bays to keep particularly nervous birds in safe conditions.

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By becoming a Friend of the National Bird of Prey Hospital, you will have the opportunity to help support this aspect of the Trust's work. In addition you will also receive a quarterly newsletter detailing the hospital's activities, a Friend's certificate, your name displayed outside the hospital, 3 copies of our members’ newsletter Hawktalk, and an admission ticket for 2 adults. Cost: £139.00 renewable annually.
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