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Hospital report for October – December 2015

This has been another very interesting three months with fewer new patients than are often seen at this time of year.   Two of the birds received earlier in the year were well enough to be released back into the wild. Here are the details of our activities:

  • Eleven Tawny Owls were admitted and in need of treatment. Seven were suffering as a result of having been involved in motor vehicle accidents. Two were put to sleep and two others died from their injuries, whilst two were well enough to release after receiving treatment. One was received dead on arrival. Three others had Frounce infections and had to be put to sleep, together with another bird with a different infection.  One chick that came to the hospital in May in quite a poor state was now well enough to be released.
  • Five Buzzards were admitted. One had been involved in a motor vehicle incident and had to be put to sleep.  One was very thin on arrival and another had a wing injury.  These birds responded well to treatment and were released. Two more had Frounce infections, one died and the other recovered and was released.
  • Nine Kestrels were received for treatment. One bird received in September was released back into the wild. Of the nine, three were suffering because of motor vehicle accidents and had to be put to sleep. One bird with Frounce and another with leg injuries also had to be put to sleep.  A bird with head trauma was dead on arrival.  Two birds were very thin, one died from its injuries, and the other recovered after being well fed and was released.

Did you know?

During laboratory experimentation, Barn Owls have shown that by using their hearing they can catch prey in total darkness.
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