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The mission of the Hawk Conservancy Trust is the conservation of birds of prey. Projects related to our mission operate on site at the Trust, in southern England and overseas.

The Trust is dedicated to understanding the ecology of birds of prey and the development of evidence-based conservation outcomes for species and habitats. To this end, our work ranges from on-site biodiversity projects and surveys through to broader scale projects on raptors in the wild.

The conservation status of different species of birds of prey in the UK varies significantly, and has done for many years. Buzzards, for example, from the late-1990s onwards experienced strong population growth, whilst over the same period the situation for Kestrels was variable and in some places the species declined significantly. Understanding the reasons for these different trends and how they change over time is a fundamental component of the work of the Trust’s Conservation and Research Department.

The Trust works towards implementing the results from focused research projects that will lead to net positive outcomes for bird of prey populations. In some cases this might involve the establishment of new nest sites, whilst in other cases there might be an identified need to implement some form of habitat modification. Identifying and addressing the impacts of additive mortality is also an important area of work.

Through our work we are partnered with other conservation organisations such as WWF Pakistan, the Birds of Prey Programme of South Africa’s Endangered Wildlife Trust and South African National Parks. Details of our projects can be explored by selecting the relevant link.

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