Conservation and Research 

Welcome to the Conservation and Research Department of the Hawk Conservancy Trust. The Trust operates C & R projects at three levels:

  • On site at the Trust
  • Regionally in southern England
  • Overseas

There is often overlap between conservation and research, and various projects have elements of both. The operational philosophy of the Trust's Conservation and Research Department is based on an evidence-based framework, which requires that management and welfare decisions or conservation actions are determined by the results of focused research.

Providing educational and development opportunities is a major role for the department. Students and researchers ranging from A-level to post-graduate level are welcomed and interested researchers are encouraged to apply.

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There are currently no vacancies at the Trust

The Trust is always happy to hear from researchers with suggestions for projects. Please contact the Head of Conservation and Research, Campbell Murn, if you wish to conduct a project at the Trust

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