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Each year we invite photographers to enter our photographic competition and celebrate the beauty of birds of prey. Featuring six main categories, this competition gives photographers, both amateur and professional, the chance to show off their talents. Photographers are limited to the number of images that may be entered. Although this limit is expressed as a number per month, this is purely for administrative purposes. There is no monthly element to the competition.

The categories are:

  1. Portrait - portrait of a Hawk Conservancy Trust bird of prey.
  2. Action - resident Trust birds of preyin action.
  3. Working relationship - between a member of Trust staff and a bird of prey (or Trust animal) in any location where the Trust is actively working.
  4. Flora and fauna - wildflowers, shrubs, plants, trees, insects, mammals, wildlife and the sculptures around the Trust grounds (excludes birds of prey).
  5. In the wild - wild (non-captive/non-Trust) birds of prey taken in its natural setting.
  6. Fun at the Trust – we're after photos of you, or your friends and family, enjoying a visit to the Trust.

All photographs must have been taken either on the Trust grounds or at other locations where Trust birds are displayed by Trust staff, with the exception of those entered into the 'In the Wild' category or into Working Relationship category where Trust staff are working away from the Trust.

Winners will be announced during the month of February following the close of the competition.

In order to enter photographs for the photographic competition a one off entry fee of £7.00 must be paid to the Trust.

Did you know?

The Snowy Owl can maintain its body temperature even when the air temperature reaches -50C
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